13 Jun 2017

Intus signed up with Novia Global for Intus Fund Platform Services

Intus Savings and Loan Association (www.intus.ee ), the parent company of Intus Life Assurance Ltd., has signed up with Novia Global Ltd (www.novia-global.com ) for an agreement to offer Novia Global Fund Platform Services to Intus Group clients. Intus clients will have access to Global Fund Markets with a selection of over 4,000 mutual funds. There can also be invested in institutional fund classes with lower fees and minimum amounts than usually which gives us a significant competitive edge towards our competitors.

Clients can sign up for the new Intus Fund Platform Account either through Intus Savings and Loan Association by becoming first Intus Members or alternatively through Intus Life’s Portfolio Bond Insurance. Intus Private Banking Advisory Service will assist our clients to manage their Fund Portfolios; alternatively, the clients can authorize their own advisors for this.

Intus Fund Platform has excellent reporting tools and transparent pricing model which makes it as one of the best options for Financial Advisors to manage their clients Fund Portfolios.

About Intus Savings and Loan Association:
Intus Savings and Loan Association – Intus S&L was established in 2014. Intus S&L is a commercial association offering a wide range of fixed term deposit and loan products as well Private Banking Services. Intus S&L has a subsidiary company named Intus Life Assurance Ltd. in Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. The Association is mutually held meaning the clients are also members with equal voting rights, and have the ability to direct the financial and managerial goals of the organization. Intus S&L membership is open to all nationalities with customer service in English, Italian, Estonian and Russian. Intus S&L has its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. More information can be found at www.intus.ee .

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