FAQ – Intus Life

Why should I become an Intus Life client?

Intus Life has developed its products and services together with insurance and investment professionals. Our products are flexible, secure and transparent. Being domiciled in Antigua and Barbuda, we offer you the best tools for inheritance planning and personal tax optimization.

How secure is my investment with Intus Life?

It is as secure as it can be. Intus Life holds client asset separately from its own assets. Intus Life affords the highest level of policyholder protection due to ring fenced individual client accounts held by regulated custodians and financial institutions. As a client you have 24/7 access to your account holdings and transactions by logging-in to your personal Intus Lfe account.

How secure is my personal data and information with you?

We hold our physical client documentation and archives at our highly secured office premises in Antigua and Barbuda. Connection to our client administration system is via SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0, using global step-up certificates from GeoTrust, ensuring that our users have a secure connection from their browsers to our service. Individual user sessions are identified and re-verified with each transaction, using a unique token created at login. Our service is located at a top-tier data center with daily backups.

The International Business Corporations Act in Antigua and Barbuda provides criminal penalties for any disclosure of the business affairs of customers.

How is Intus Life supervised?

Intus Life is supervised by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) in Antigua and Barbuda.

Who are the Auditors of Intus Life?

BDO Eastern Caribbean is appointed as the Auditors of Intus Life. BDO is one of the largest audit networks in the world.

I am a citizen/resident of Antigua and Barbuda, can I become an Intus Life client?

No. Intus Life is licensed to offer Life Insurance business from Antigua and Barbuda to the Global Market excluding citizens/residents of Antigua and Barbuda.

I don’t have my own insurance broker or financial advisor, can I become a client?

Yes. We will give you a list of independent brokers and advisors having Terms of Business with us and you can choose one of them to serve you. Your broker/advisor will then give you a personalized offer for Intus Life products and services including their own servicing commissions.

I cannot find any price list or fee information on the Intus Life web site, how much are your fees?

The final fee structure depends on the size of premium and investments services chosen. All this information will be given to you by your broker/advisor. The fee and commission information you will receive is transparent without any hidden fees.

If I have to withdraw funds from my policy, can I do it at any time and what are the fees?

Withdrawals are possible at any time. Depending on where your funds are invested it might take a few days or even months to have the necessary funds redeemed from underlying investments. We recommend you invest part of your assets into Intus Internal Deposit Funds in case you might have short-term withdrawal needs.

Intus Life fees for withdrawals can be found from the personal offer which your broker/advisor has given or will give to you. Our fees are also confirmed in the Policy Document you will get from us after your policy has commenced.

Can I invest in Private Company shares or unlisted securities through Intus Portfolio Bond?

This is possible with certain requirements. Please contact our Customer Service for further information.

Do you report to foreign Tax Authorities about your clients policies, investments or withdrawals?

No. The only exception to this are US clients according to FATCA rules.

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