Security in Antigua and Barbuda
As one of the fastest-growing offshore domiciles, Antigua and Barbuda has implemented rules and regulations that are among the most modern in the world. Antigua and Barbuda is known for its political and economic stability, a growth-oriented local government and an English legal system. In addition, it has codification of modern banking, company, assurance and trust laws which are innovative, flexible, and user-friendly legislations with minimal regulations.

There are no taxes on international business companies like Intus Life Assurance Ltd. and low tax rates for domestic companies. With its asset security, and the freedom to transfer and merge assets, Antigua and Barbuda offers exceptional protection of wealth benefits, inheritance wishes and trust interests.

Policyholder Protection
Intus Life Assurance Ltd. is supervised by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission in Antigua and Barbuda and is fully compliant with the international standards for Life Insurance Business. All policyholder assets are kept separately from the Life Company’s own assets. Our administration system is modern and transparent and gives our policyholders and their insurance brokers/financial advisors 24/7 access to their account information.

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